Mad Rabbits!!

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Hey guys! I’ll make this a sticky post so everyone could see but I made an animal rights group! Mad Rabbits. I had the idea for it a few months ago and a few weeks ago we were able to buy the domain! If you’re seeing this I would love for you to check it out, I’ll still be posting here as well but I’ll also copy and paste some of my better posts over there! So yeah check it out, share it, join if you want! ‘Till EVERY cage is empty!


5 Reasons to Give Up Duck (& Foie Gras)

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Foie gras (French for “fatty liver”) is the product of extreme animal cruelty. Factory farms produce it by force feeding ducks so much that their livers become diseased and enlarged. This causes a tremendous amount of suffering and can make it difficult for the birds to walk and breathe normally.

Few people would want to eat any part of a diseased animal, but in the case of foie gras, consumers eat the diseased organ itself.

Foie gras producers shove pipes down ducks’ throats to force feed them far more than they would ever eat. The force feeding can cause bruises, lacerations, and sores. The duck’s livers may grow to ten times the normal size.

Some foie gras factory farms cram birds into small, filthy cages where they can’t turn around or spread their wings.


Humane Society

2. When you pay for foie gras you pay for the slaughter of ducks, and vice versa

3. Ducks can become so attached to their human friends that they become depressed when they are absent

4. Mother ducks are very protective over their young, factory farming is very stressful for them

5. You can make Vegan foie gras and duck recipes without the cruelty

5 Reasons to Give Up Turkey

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1. 17,000 turkey enter boiling hot water alive

2. 45 million turkeys die for thanksgiving, 25 million for Christmas.

3. Baby turkeys (called poults) are very small and like to eat berries. In factory farms animals are fed processed soy/corn that they can’t digest well.

4. Turkeys also have their beaks cut off so they won’t fight.

5. There are many cruelty free Vegan turkey products. Please don’t pay for slaughter

10 Reasons to Stop Eating Chickens

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1. The average cage for a chicken in factory farms is smaller than your standard iPad.

2. In the U.S, 614,000 chickens enter boiling water alive

3. Because of genetic manipulation, 26% to 31% of factory farmed chickens suffer from severe leg abnormalities.

4. Because of the small spaces given to chickens, they will become very upset and fight. Instead of making the cages bigger, the industry cuts off the chickens beaks when they’re chicks.

5. Chickens are very loving animals, and also are sentient beings that feel pain.

6. Chickens are just as loveable as your family parrot

7. They are the most abused animal in the meat industry

8. Chickens are pumped full of so many hormones and forced to be such a big size for human consumption, they can barely walk

9. Most chickens are kept in such horrible conditions they die before they can even be slaughtered

10. There are many Vegan chicken substitutes that don’t involve this horror

10 Reasons to Give Up Beef

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1. Cows are social animals and usually have best friends

2. They also get excited when they solve problems

3. Incorrect stunning occurs during slaughter so most times they are painfully stunned a second time or the dismemberment begins as they’re still alive

4. Neu5Gc is found only in animal meat, and is a sugar we cannot digest.

5. People who eat meat, especially red meat are more likely to develop cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

6. Cows are separated from their babies (who are later killed) in slaughterhouses and research shows they grieve this

7. One pound of meat uses 16x the resources (vegetation) we would need to eat the food directly

8. Because one pound of beef uses more than 600 gallons of water, you save more water by not eating it than you do not showering for a year

9. Grass fed beef is even worse for the planet than factory farmed beef

10. There are plenty of Vegan “beef” products that don’t involve killing

5 Reasons to Give Up Dairy

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1. Milk is probably even worse for you than meat:


2. Cows have to be pregnant or just have given birth in order to lactate- because of this, cows are put on “rape racks” and forcefully inseminated every 9 months or so.

3. If they baby that is born is a male, they will kill him immediately for veal.

4. If the baby is female, the cycle will repeat until she is too old to give milk- at which point she will be sentenced to death.

5. Milk doesn’t have to be cruel, there are many Vegan “dairy” products to choose from.

5 Reasons to Give Up Eggs

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1. Every single day in the U.S alone, the egg Industry kills more than 500,000 baby chicks either by suffocating or being ground alive because they are of no use to them.

2. Scientific studies show eggs are 2/3 as bad for you as smoking.

3. In the wild, chickens lay around 10-12 eggs a year. The egg Industry forces chickens by chemicals and genetic modification to lay more than 300 eggs a year.

4. Once a chicken cannot lay any more eggs, she is sent to the slaughterhouse to retire.

5. There are many vegan cruelty free eggs, so why kill?

10 Reasons to Give Up Pork

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1. Pigs are just as sentient as dogs and cats, which means they feel pain on physical and emotional levels.

2. Pigs are as aware and sentient as four year old human children.

3. They can learn to play video games.

4. They enjoy soothing music and massages.

5. Pigs are kept in cages so small in factory farms they can’t even turn around.

6. In the factories, pigs are forced to breast feed their babies through cages.

7. Pork increases your daily risk of mortality by 20%

8. In May, the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Office of the Inspector General exposed extreme sanitation and humane violations in 30 US swine slaughterhouses it visited and in records of 600 other US plants slaughtering pigs.

9. Because of living conditions, most pigs experience depression and emotional trauma.

10. There are plenty of cruelty free bacons, so why kill?

Vegan Alternatives!

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Hey guys! If you’re a Vegan like me you don’t really care much for alternatives, but some people may miss the taste of meat and are not willing to eat it because of health, enviornmental, animal rights or other reasons- or some may just want more variety in their diet! So here Is a masterpost of Vegan substitutes and ingredient swaps!

Store bought Vegan substitutes



Eggplant bacon

Shiitake Bacon

Zucchini Bacon

Tempeh Bacon

Carrot Bacon

Coconut Bacon

Tofu Bacon

Seitan Bacon

Raw Jimica Bacon

Carrot hot dog

Vegan burger

Ground beef







( More milks )

Yogurt (any milk besides coconut)



Tofu scramble

Boiled egg

Deviled egg




More to come!! 💕


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Estée Lauder
CEO: Fabrizio Freda
President: John Demsey
Email: contact

767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10153
(212) 572-4200

M.A.C Cosmetics
President: Karen Buglisi
Email: contact
Address: same as Estée Lauder

CEO: Jean Paul Agon
Email: contact
Address: Same as above EXCEPT one is in France but I can’t quite find the exact address.

Procter & Gamble
CEO: Alan G. Lafley

P.O. Box 2056, Jeddah 21451 Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (12) 6572222
Fax: +966 (12) 6538833

P&G Gulf Office
P.O. Box 33060 Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 806 4444
Fax: +971 4 806 4400

CEO: Benno O. Dorer
Email: N/A

Clorox Headquarters
1221 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 271-7000

Johnson & Johnson
CEO: Alex Gorsky
Email:  contact

Main Office:
One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08933
(732) 524-0400

If you prefer, our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 767
Neenah, WI 54957

CEO: Ian M. Cook
Email: contact

c/o Office of the General Counsel Colgate-Palmolive Company 300 Park Avenue 11th Floor New York, NY 10022-7499

Reckitt Benxckiser
CEO: Rakesh Kapoor

Turner House
103-105 Bath Road
Slough, Berkshire SL1 3UH
United Kingdom

Church & Dwight
CEO: James Craigie
Email: contact

Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Princeton South Corporate Center,
500 Charles Ewing Boulevard
Ewing, NJ

CEO: Paul Polman
Email: contact,,

Unilever House
100 Victoria Embankment
London EC4Y 0DY
United Kingdom


Weena 455
3013AL Rotterdam

CEO: Kasper Rorsted
Email: contact
Address: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA 40191 Düsseldorf Germany.