Vegan Nutrition

Every nutrient we need can be found on a vegan diet (portion of the vegan masterpost by vegan-invader already on the “Resources” page). Friendly reminder that the only reason animal products even have b12 is because the animals are given supplements. It would be a good idea to take 5mg of b12 a day OR just have nutritional yeast! I eat nutritional yeast (nooch) it is used in many Vegan recipes as cheese so no problem! More about b12 here, and then there’s also this full nutrient breakdown. 💕

“Where do you get your protein?”

protein 1

protein 2

protein 3

“Where do you get your Iron?”

Iron 1

Iron 2

“Where do you get your calcium?”

Calcium 1

Calcium 2

Calcium 3

it’s also important to know that plant calcium is the only safe calcium.. Cows milk contains milk pus hormones and harmful chemicals as well as carcinogens that will deplete your bodies calcium over time and cause osteoporosis and other diseases

Milk bad


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