Veganism & Anemia

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A few things to note before you use anemia as an argument against veganism when you’re not even anemic:

• Anemia is an iron deficiency, not a meat deficiency

• There’s more iron in some leafy greens than a steak

• Where do you think the animal you’re eating got it from

• You could get your iron from meat but you’re putting yourself at risk for many other illnesses including cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol when you can just have sautéed spinach pasta for dinner instead.

• Using a situation that does not affect you as an excuse to not go vegan is ridiculous

Some things to note for people who are honestly worried that veganism will negatively affect their anemia:

• Don’t worry! Chances are it will help

• I’ve never had to but some vegans supplement with iron for good measure and that’s still vegan

• Your doctor probably isn’t a nutritionist, most of us have had doctors ignorant on vegan nutrition

• I have a list of iron rich foods here

And I might as well put some here as well!

AND male sure you’re getting enough calcium to absorb it!