10 Reasons to Stop Eating Chickens

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1. The average cage for a chicken in factory farms is smaller than your standard iPad.

2. In the U.S, 614,000 chickens enter boiling water alive

3. Because of genetic manipulation, 26% to 31% of factory farmed chickens suffer from severe leg abnormalities.

4. Because of the small spaces given to chickens, they will become very upset and fight. Instead of making the cages bigger, the industry cuts off the chickens beaks when they’re chicks.

5. Chickens are very loving animals, and also are sentient beings that feel pain.

6. Chickens are just as loveable as your family parrot

7. They are the most abused animal in the meat industry

8. Chickens are pumped full of so many hormones and forced to be such a big size for human consumption, they can barely walk

9. Most chickens are kept in such horrible conditions they die before they can even be slaughtered

10. There are many Vegan chicken substitutes that don’t involve this horror

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