I’m horrible at tagging my posts but this should make it easier for me to be organized and find exactly what I’m looking for when I’m looking for certain things (and for anyone who reads my blog as well). It will take a while to tag all of the posts and link them here so most of the words will be empty for a while but:

Health (or food)


Every Nutrient We Need…

“Go Eat Your Lettuce.”

High Fat Vegan Foods

Nut and Soy Allergies

Nutrient Breakdown

Veganism & Anemia

Veganism for Diabetics

Why Go Vegan?


Dirty Girls Zine


Low Income Shopping List

Low income Veganism

Moral Obligations

Pick Your Poison


Animal Rights (Petitions)

Cruelty Free (Chemical Free)

Do Meat Eaters Love Animals?

Fuck David Cameron

Happy Earth Day!*

How I Feel About PETA

How to Go Vegan

Pig Scramble Bullshit

Why Isn’t Honey Vegan?

Why Vegetarianism Isn’t Ethical

Zoophilia in the United States

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