Why should you go vegan?


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For the environment

The first picture; this is your carbon footprint every day just based on what you eat. The figure itself may not sound like much to most people but 6.5 vs 16 is an unreasonable difference.

My carbon footprint per year is about 2,375 pounds of co2 a year while that of a meat eaters would be 5,840 pounds. That for only one year is a 3,465 pounds of unnecessary greenhouse gas exposed to the atmosphere. After 10 years that’s 34,650 unnecessary pounds of co2 and about 346,500 for only one persons lifetime. If this wasn’t enough, the meat industry is responsible for 91% of the worlds deforestation so they’re polluting the air as they destroy our only natural way of combating it. This doesn’t even take into account any other damaging things you do on a day to day basis like use plastic bags or drive a gas heavy car, so you couldn’t possibly then consider yourself an environmentalist or ‘going green’ if you don’t take a closer look at what’s on your plate.

More unnecessary waste of natural resources. California is more concerned about people watering their lawns than what’s actually depleting our water supply. It gets even more ridiculous when you realize ‘other agriculture’ is most likely the water to grow the grain that feeds the animals drinking all of our water



For the people

Many people consider veganism only an animal rights issue and nothing can be farther from the truth. The fact is climate change is killing us and it may just kill us completely off. While climate change is killing everyone it is definitely a issue for people of color, if you don’t believe that you should read more about the Climate Justice Initiative founded by the NAACP.


Not only are thousands of people dying of heat waves in Pakistan, Africa and other hot countries; if you make a conscious decision to fund animal agriculture you are also making a conscious decision to fund the destruction of the home of many indigenous tribes due to deforestation. Particularly in the amazon. You should also be thinking about all of the people starving who would love to have the 16 pounds of vegetation we give to livestock to be able to produce only one pound of meat.


More on the social justice aspects of veganism here



For the animals

Animals are treated horribly in factory farms.

Chickens are boiled alive, used for eggs until they can’t give them anymore (after about 300) at which point they’re sent to the slaughterhouse to be killed for their skin. The male chicks are killed immediately because the egg industry doesn’t need them, they’re either thrown in grinders alive or suffocated. The female chicks are de-beaked without painkillers.

Pigs are beaten, abused, beaten, forced to breastfeed their babies through cages, and they’re just as sentient as your average 4 year old, as smart and friendly as a dog.

Cows are put on devices called ‘rape racks’ and forcibly inseminated over and over because they can’t give milk unless they’re pregnant. If the baby born is a boy, he will be taken from the mother in a days time to be slaughtered for veal, if the baby is a boy the process will repeat with her and her children.

Ducks are force fed food over and over until their lungs get infected for folie e gras, and none of these animals are likely to see the light of day until they die, even if they’re ‘free range’ which could quite possibly only mean they have free range of the slaughterhouse where they will watch their friends die.

The tables show vegetarians save 100 animals a year directly and 500+ a year Indirectly despite the fact that a portion of their money is still going to certain animal deaths such as retired poultry hens/dairy cows, male chicks and calves ect so based on this we can only imagine the figures for a Vegan.

If you truly care about animals, it does not then make sense to fund their abuse and slaughter; this point is amplified by the fact that there is no scientific or medical reason to eat meat. There is not even one nutrient you cannot get without meat and there is loads of evidence that humans thrive better on a Vegan diet, which brings me to my next point:


For yourself

Meat is not good for you and it never has been good for you. The only thing meat gives you that vegetation cannot is various diet specific diseases and other aliments. For example people who eat meat have a much higher risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and their overall morality rate is generally higher.

In fact, based on eating meat alone a meat eater has a 50% chance of heart disease while the average Vegan has 4%. Animal products are the only “foods” that contain cholesterol at all, actually.

There’s a consistent trend between the rise of animal products and death



Even the American Cancer Society has addressed the consistent link between red meat and cancer while disclosing cultures who consumed more tofu had a much lower risk.

Even milk originally thought to promote bone health has been shown to have horrible affects on health. It’s also been proven to cause osteoporosis overtime when you could instead substitute any of these


The choice isn’t really to be vegan or to eat meat, its to be Vegan or accept that you’ve chosen to kill everything around you when you have the clear choice to live life without violence.


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