10 Reasons to Give Up Pork

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1. Pigs are just as sentient as dogs and cats, which means they feel pain on physical and emotional levels.

2. Pigs are as aware and sentient as four year old human children.

3. They can learn to play video games.

4. They enjoy soothing music and massages.

5. Pigs are kept in cages so small in factory farms they can’t even turn around.

6. In the factories, pigs are forced to breast feed their babies through cages.

7. Pork increases your daily risk of mortality by 20%

8. In May, the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Office of the Inspector General exposed extreme sanitation and humane violations in 30 US swine slaughterhouses it visited and in records of 600 other US plants slaughtering pigs.

9. Because of living conditions, most pigs experience depression and emotional trauma.

10. There are plenty of cruelty free bacons, so why kill?

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