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Mad Rabbits!!

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Hey guys! I’ll make this a sticky post so everyone could see but I made an animal rights group! Mad Rabbits. I had the idea for it a few months ago and a few weeks ago we were able to buy the domain! If you’re seeing this I would love for you to check it out, I’ll still be posting here as well but I’ll also copy and paste some of my better posts over there! So yeah check it out, share it, join if you want! ‘Till EVERY cage is empty!


Do Meat Eaters Love Animals?

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The short answer is ‘no’, and this is just assuming they use all cruelty free products (tested on puppies, rabbits, mice, cats, monkeys, ect) and wear no animal skin.

Let’s first look at what the definition of love is:

You would think, then, that someone who felt attachment, tenderness and fondness towards something would do the best they could to make sure that the animal was safe, health and alive. Right? Especially since they could easily eat something else (rice, beans, veggies, fruit, pasta ect.)

If you truly loved animals you would want to be on the side that is saving them instead of who is funding their mass slaughter and abuse. Vegans easily save 100+ animals directly a year, and If that isn’t something you’re interested in participating in; its safe to say that you do not in fact love animals.





I made all these yesterday in response to ye ol’ “it’s not my fault animals are dying just because I eat meat” yes the fuck it is. And not only is it your fault livestock is dying, its also your fault that wild animals are dying because the meat industry is responsible for 91% of deforestation which includes animal habitat!


Easy math or at least the most basic concept of supply and demand will tell you that the more people eating animals the more have to die. As demand for meat goes down so will the supply and vice versa. So if you truly care about animals. Prove it. Please go vegan, last year so many people went vegan that 400million animals didn’t have to die and the number continues to grow. Thats why it’s important that everyone who can go vegan does and spreads the word to everyone they know, because the animals can’t do it themselves.

“Pig Scramble” Bullshit

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The video above isn’t from the same city, but the same concept as the one I wrote about below.

You’ve most likely been to a county fair. You’ve most likely seen dog racing, goat petting, and mini horseback riding. All of these are examples of animal abuse, and in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick the “Pig Scramble” is a favorite among youngsters and adults alike, and just recently it’s been brought back after being taken off the activities list for the fair. Most fairly ignorant people would call this “entertainment” and find nothing wrong with it.

The “Pig Scramble” if you aren’t already aware is an event where children enter a raffle to be able to run around a small pen, chase and catch small two-month-old piglets. Only twelve children are chosen, meaning twelve young pigs are put through emotional stress and discomfort for however long it takes for the children to catch them. The article even states that some cry out and scream from pain (which isn’t a surprise). After being caught, the children have the decision to take the pig home or have it be sold back to the fair and then auctioned off.

In previous years, the pigs when caught were put in bags and dragged along the hot dusty floors. The NB SPCA asked the fair to stop using the bags, and they agreed. And even though the bags aren’t used anymore, they are still used almost like toys and seen as only objects instead of actually living, breathing animals that have souls and can feel  both physical and emotional pain.

The President of the fair Phillip MacLeod states, “A lot of our complaints come from overseas and all the foreign countries to me that really don’t know what’s going on.” When watching the news report, I can clearly see what’s going. I don’t believe living overseas or in ANY different country would purely mean that I wouldn’t understand what was going on. I personally believe this comment is very racist. The only thing that’s going on that I see is entertainment for the people, and sorrow and sadness for the pigs.

It angers me to see these small, innocent pigs used as entertainment and put through this much emotional pain. If you feel the same, please email or contact the President of the Westmorland County Agricultural Fair, Phillip MacLeod.

phone:  (506) 756-8149


The Fairs Website:

The News Article:

How I Feel About Peta

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is by far the most thorough, large, and well known animal rights organization in the world. Most meat eaters, Vegetarians, and even Vegans either hate or don’t know how to feel about PETA for a majority of reasons including but not limited to:

• Their militant stance on meat consumption

• Their use of female bodies to promote animal rights

• Their fatphobic and misogynistic ads

• Their comparison between human and animal rights movements

And probably the most talked about offense-

• The overwhelming evidence that PETA kills more than 90% of shelter animals in their care.

While I don’t support fatphobia or misogyny, the facts remain that PETA is the most effective rights group in this day and age. That being said there are many rights animals would not have if it had not been for PETA. We would still been using live animals as crash dummies if it were not for PETA and many vegans today (including myself) wouldn’t be if it would have not been for them. Ringling Bros wouldn’t be releasing their elephants.

The group “PETA Kills” was founded and now is ran by meat lobbyists. They have accused PETA with killing almost all of the shelter animals they obtain (which isn’t saying a lot, though, because PETA takes in death row animals and animals normal shelters won’t). Backlash is a given when you’re protesting against a trillion+ $ company such as the meat industry, so while I’m not 100% sure whether PETA is doing what they’re saying they are; I just know I won’t support them financially. However his has nothing to do with me using their resources and information as this isn’t supporting them but the animals that they’re trying to save.

PETA has many petitions that will help animals who have nothing to do with what the organization does or doesn’t do behind closed doors. When they email and ask me to sign petitions to stop the seal hunt, my signature goes to Canadian officials who can do something about it, PETA doesn’t benefit from this at all; same as when I send in text petitions or order their free stickers/vegan starter kits.

So while I don’t support some of their methods and their stance on euthanisia, I support the awareness they bring to our movement.


Speaking of awareness, Peta2 has a program where you’ll complete some missions in the name of animals and you’ll earn points for the ones completed. You can then use these points to redeem t-shirts, chapstick, books, and a lot of other stuff! So I know a lot of you don’t support PETA but if you want a way to get involved and get rewards for it, here’s one!

My Peta Street Team profile

Ways to take action on Peta2

How To Go Vegan

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( I did another guide for this here )

Just go for it!

I was actually vegetarian for many many years because I didn’t understand the enviornmental impact nor the cruel reality of the dairy/egg/honey industry. Once I realized the truth I went Vegan overnight and I wish I would have been more educated when I did but I moreso just wish I would have realized way sooner than I did.

Being Vegan may be difficult for some people but when you look at the consequences of not being Vegan for yourself and others; you’ll realize that the decision to continue to pay for the mass slaughter and abuse of animals along with the enviornmental devastation that accompanies the Industry including the death of humans should be a much harder decision for you.

It will be a bit more challenging to go vegan overnight, but much more rewarding for your health and for the planet, although it’s better to slowly transition into veganism and stay vegan than take on something you can’t handle and end up not being able to do it. That being said an immediate change is much more preferable if possible!

Here are some tips to transition to your new lifestyle:

• Watch Earthlings/Cowspiracy/Food Inc. or another animal rights movie

• Replace your meat with beans and legumes

• Check out your favorite snacks

•  Cut out your favorite non vegan foods first so its easier to transition in the long run and learn how to make them vegan

• Replace your milks with plant based ones

• Make sure you’re always motivated

• Read up on plant based protein/calcium

• Get involved with the Vegan community

• If you’re strapped for cash- make rice/legumes/frozen veggies/& pasta the staples of your diet

• Make sure all your makeup/household products are cruelty free

• Also check out this amazing starter kit!

Good luck! For motivation you can also remember:



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So I was invited by my friend (who is an editor for a zine in the UK) to write about how meat consumption is hurting POC and I think that is just so cool

They suggested that I not try to appeal to the animal rights aspect and I completely agree because people are less inclined to go vegan because of animals (cognitive dissonance and all that) THANKFULLY I have a very compelling argument for why humans- esp poc -need veganism!

The only thing i cant decide is whether I want to take the nice approach (How you could help POC by going vegan!) or the blunt approach (Here’s how you’re hurting POC by not being vegan!). Or I could just list some unbiased facts and go with the neutral approach, but, I don’t know. I can’t decide. BUT here are the unbiased facts:

  • Meat consumption funds environmental racism:
  • According to the United Nations and many other reliable sources; animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require many more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives
  • Meat consumption takes your daily carbon footprint-just for food-from 6.5(vegans) to 16(meat eaters). That’s 3,532.5 extra tonnes of co2 (greenhouse gas) released per year just by eating meat and 35,325 for 10 years.
  • The meat industry is also responsible for 91% of deforestation specifically in the amazon that amplifies the negative affects of climate change. Also the parts of the amazon they’re destroying are the homes of many indigenous tribes who will lose their homes and/or be murdered.
  • The NAACP has stated that climate change is one of the biggest killers of black/brown people
  • Thousands of people died in Pakistan last month due to heat waves caused by climate change
  • 60% of Africans say Climate change is the biggest threat to their lives (even more than terrorism.
  • Animal agriculture is the #1 cause of climate change hands down

We don’t have to fund the murder of our people

Why Vegetarianism Isn’t Ethical

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There is no such thing as going vegetarian for animals, there just isn’t. The meat industry is  the dairy industry and the’ye just as bad if dairy isn’t worse. I support vegetarianism as a transition into veganism if it is medically or socially necessary, but other than that because of what’s in animal by-products and how they’re produced- vegetarianism barely exists as a health movement and doesn’t exist as an animal rights movement.

What you support when you buy each product as a vegetarian:


The de-beaking of chicks

Male chicks being ground up alive

Chickens being in cages smaller than the average iPad

The emotional distress chickens go through when being stripped of their hatch-lings

The slaughter of hens too old to give eggs (after 300 eggs or so)



Male calves being kidnapped from their mothers

Male calves being slaughtered for veal

Cows being sent to factory farms to retire

Cows being kept in small, dirty and dangerous conditions

Male calves stomach lining being used to make cheese (rending it not vegetarian)



Bees being robbed of all of their honey and being force fed corn syrup

Bees having their queens wings torn off

Bees having their queen raped (bee sized rape rack) and killed

Entire hives being blown up with cyanide so beekeepers don’t have to pay to keep them warm in the winter

-And there’s probably a lot more to this that I have yet to learn. Considering how cancerous and unhealthy animal products are for you to start with, you really don’t need to go through a vegetarian stage. Especially considering that many vegetarians may compensate for meat with more dairy and egg products. Veganism may be a little difficult for you at first, but no amount of convenience can make up for the suffering these products cause.

Why Isn’t Honey Vegan?

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bees work on honeycomb
bees work on honeycomb

I feel like since the definition of veganism is

  1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.

It would be obvious considering the bees that make honey are in the animal kingdom, that honey is not vegan. This being said for whatever reasons there are hundreds of vegetarians that consider themselves vegan wrongfully. Quite a few people seem to just not think that bees go through any type of suffering to give honey- even if this were true it couldn’t possibly change the very definition of veganism diet or ethics wise

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

source: vegan society

However as it so happens, the process of stealing honey from bees includes:

  • Ripping the wings off the queen
  • Killing the queen
  • Raping the queen
  • Killing the worker bees
  • Drugging the colony
  • Smoking the entire hive
  • Stealing all of the honey
  • Replacing the honey with sugar water or corn syrup

Mind you it takes like two bees entire lives to make a tablespoon of honey and many beekeepers just blow the entire hive up with cyanide in order to avoid the cost of keeping them alive through winter. So, no, you’re not vegan. You’re not a ‘honey eating vegan’ or a ‘beegan’ or anything else like that. You’re a vegetarian and actually kind of a carnist. You’re not helping bees by eating honey, you’re killing them.

There are many legitimate ways to help bees that I partially go into here, and here are instructions on how to build a bee hotel. Please remember to only plant plants not treated with bee killing pesticides. It’s better to buy specifically bee friendly seeds online. A sick bee will infect and kill the entire hive or even forget what flowers smell like forever.


More reasons not to eat honey

Vegan beekeeping

Fuck David Cameron

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I don’t even want to know what kind of disgusting piece of shit human could hurt a puppy, but theyre doing it. Right now they’re trying to open another vivisection puppy animal testing lab in the UK; I don’t even want to talk about it, really, a direct link to the petition is here and my tweet about it is here

Zoophilia in the United States

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I don’t know why I expected anything different from a country that BARELY legalized marriage only last week; but as it turns out acts of zoophilia as well as the distribution and possession of beastiality themed pornography is legal in about 20 U.S states territories and districts (source 1 & source 2). I didn’t even believe it myself at first, but yes, you can legally rape a horse a sheep or even a dog in the states where its legal and you’ll probably get away with it without even a slap on the wrist. Right now I’m making a petition to demand harsher laws and punishments but I don’t know how far that can go, no harm in trying though! I’ll post the petition link: here and a link to the post on my twitter here