10 Reasons to Give Up Beef

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1. Cows are social animals and usually have best friends

2. They also get excited when they solve problems

3. Incorrect stunning occurs during slaughter so most times they are painfully stunned a second time or the dismemberment begins as they’re still alive

4. Neu5Gc is found only in animal meat, and is a sugar we cannot digest.

5. People who eat meat, especially red meat are more likely to develop cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

6. Cows are separated from their babies (who are later killed) in slaughterhouses and research shows they grieve this

7. One pound of meat uses 16x the resources (vegetation) we would need to eat the food directly

8. Because one pound of beef uses more than 600 gallons of water, you save more water by not eating it than you do not showering for a year

9. Grass fed beef is even worse for the planet than factory farmed beef

10. There are plenty of Vegan “beef” products that don’t involve killing

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