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Mad Rabbits (My animal rights group) & the blog for it


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Why Go Vegan

How To Go Vegan

Carnism101 (twitter)


The best vegan masterpost I have ever seen. Seriously. There is a ton of information here.

Some resources for people who have been told they cant go vegan a.k.a vegans below the poverty line, vegans with allergies, vegans recovering from eating disorders, disabled vegans, vegans with autoimmune disorders, homeless vegans, vegans on a low-fiber diet, hypoglycemic vegans.

Saving the bee population

Why honey is not vegan

An article on a vegan beekeeper

Vegan starter kit

Cruelty free products

Boycotting Monsanto (the company you don’t know is killing you

Meat, Egg & Dairy Substitutes

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