Why Isn’t Honey Vegan?

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bees work on honeycomb
bees work on honeycomb

I feel like since the definition of veganism is

  1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.

It would be obvious considering the bees that make honey are in the animal kingdom, that honey is not vegan. This being said for whatever reasons there are hundreds of vegetarians that consider themselves vegan wrongfully. Quite a few people seem to just not think that bees go through any type of suffering to give honey- even if this were true it couldn’t possibly change the very definition of veganism diet or ethics wise

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

source: vegan society

However as it so happens, the process of stealing honey from bees includes:

  • Ripping the wings off the queen
  • Killing the queen
  • Raping the queen
  • Killing the worker bees
  • Drugging the colony
  • Smoking the entire hive
  • Stealing all of the honey
  • Replacing the honey with sugar water or corn syrup

Mind you it takes like two bees entire lives to make a tablespoon of honey and many beekeepers just blow the entire hive up with cyanide in order to avoid the cost of keeping them alive through winter. So, no, you’re not vegan. You’re not a ‘honey eating vegan’ or a ‘beegan’ or anything else like that. You’re a vegetarian and actually kind of a carnist. You’re not helping bees by eating honey, you’re killing them.

There are many legitimate ways to help bees that I partially go into here, and here are instructions on how to build a bee hotel. Please remember to only plant plants not treated with bee killing pesticides. It’s better to buy specifically bee friendly seeds online. A sick bee will infect and kill the entire hive or even forget what flowers smell like forever.


More reasons not to eat honey

Vegan beekeeping


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Source: darthfeyder

“Animal agriculture is incredibly harmful, and is a major driver of climate change. The UN recently released a report that said “animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives”. Animal products cause a huge amount of deforestation. Factory farms and slaughterhouses also contribute to a large amount of environmental racism, especially in poor communities. Production of animal products harms or kills many native communities in South America, both through deforestation and murders committed by ranchers.

Factory farms produce a massive amount of pollution, and a single farm can produce over one and a half times more toxic waste in a year than the entire city of Philadelphia. The CDC estimates that livestock produce between 3-20 times more waste than all of the people in the USA. This pollution invariably leads to runoff into local water systems, which can lead to both groundwater contamination and ocean dead zones. Water contamination is further compounded by the fact that livestock currently uses up about a third of the Earth’s fresh water.

Animal agriculture also leads to development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are a serious health risk. It is also important to examine the animal suffering caused by production of animal products.”

I crossed out the last paragraph because while I want the information to be available, I feel like with so many people making a conscious effort to hurt animals when there is an alternative, people are more inclined to  listen if they know they’re hurting their race or themselves. Even if you did think veganism was a personal choice because we’re somehow entitled to kill animals knowing there is no scientific or medical reason to do so; there is no way that we can somehow justify the funding of environmental racism, terrorism and murder. Everyone who consumes or otherwise purchases meat is partially responsible for this. If you are not against the meat industry, you are for it with your money.

Fuck David Cameron

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I don’t even want to know what kind of disgusting piece of shit human could hurt a puppy, but theyre doing it. Right now they’re trying to open another vivisection puppy animal testing lab in the UK; I don’t even want to talk about it, really, a direct link to the petition is here and my tweet about it is here

Zoophilia in the United States

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I don’t know why I expected anything different from a country that BARELY legalized marriage only last week; but as it turns out acts of zoophilia as well as the distribution and possession of beastiality themed pornography is legal in about 20 U.S states territories and districts (source 1 & source 2). I didn’t even believe it myself at first, but yes, you can legally rape a horse a sheep or even a dog in the states where its legal and you’ll probably get away with it without even a slap on the wrist. Right now I’m making a petition to demand harsher laws and punishments but I don’t know how far that can go, no harm in trying though! I’ll post the petition link: here and a link to the post on my twitter here

Low income grocery list

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– Bag of potatoes
– Broccoli
– Plain dry pasta noodles
– Hormel chili (veggie)
– Canned/Dry beans
– Spaghetti sauce
– Lentils
– Carrots
– Apples
– Canned Tomatoes
– Onions/Zucchini
– Bananas
– Rice
– Frozen veggies
– Kale/Spinach
– Frozen/Canned corn
– Balsamic vinaigrette
– Tofu


Example meals:

Zucchini/Spinach Pasta

Boil pasta noodles and drain them, sautee the zuccini/tomato/onions together or the spinach/tomato/onions (or combine them Idk I’ve never tried it) mix in sauteed veggies with pasta noodles, season with garlic salt and optionally top them with the vinaigrette.

Broccoli Pasta

Boil lots of broccoli until it’s limp and losses its form with a lot of water. The florets will leave the stems almost completely- probably will take about 20 minutes or so on medium heat. Once its close to that state add the noodles into the same pot the broccoli is boiling in, the broccoli will coat the noodles and you can remove the stems if you don’t like them. Drain the water season the noodles and top with vinigarette 🌳

Tofu stir fry

Press and marinate tofu in soy sauce, once done bake tofu until slightly golden. Pan fry the veggies with soy or teriyaki sauce and add the tofu when they’re cooked all the way through. Have it over rice to make a complete meal.


Boil all of your veggies/potatoes/beans together with broth and seasoning and have over rice


Boil noodles and top with a pasta sauce, season and you can add tvp if you have it on hand but I usually just the pasta and sauce by themselves

Flat Bread

1 cup gram flour (or plain flour/all purpose flour would also work well – either plain or wholemeal)
1/2 cup warm water
1 tbs oil
1 tsp salt (or to taste)

I add sugar to make it a dessert but you can leave it as it is and have it with your soup or stir fry for cheap


I’ll keep adding more and I’ll add the individual cost for the groceries and modify it based on the sum total 💞

Low Income Veganism

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A lot of people are somehow under the impression that all I eat is soy caviar and tempeh filet mignon or something but I am actually very poor. I’ve lived in a single income household my entire life, I’m below the poverty line, and its more annoying than anything when people assume I’m privileged for being vegan when there are people out there too poor to be anything besides vegan. This is generally what I eat. But since people never believe me when I say this, here’s a buttload of recipes and resources on being a low income Vegan (some this is from links I’ve already posted on the recourses page, anyway);

Easy Vegan Cooking

No Bull, No Bucks

Fuck Yeah Poor Vegans

Vegan On A Budget

Cheap Vegan

Low cost Vegan meal plans

Veganism on $2 a day

Veganism on $3 a day

Veganism on $5 a day

Veganism on $10 a day

Veganism on $15 a week


$3 Vegan recipes

Vegan on $4 a day

Eating On a Budget

Nut and Soy Allergies

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I actually have a nut and soy allergy! Lucky for me its not so severe where I can’t just eat them anyway and suffer the consequences later (yeah I think theyre that good). It’s easy enough to just avoid them as a vegan, anyway, and you don’t have to sacrifice your health by doing so;


source: navs-online


If you can’t eat nuts or soy, here are some things to make it a little easier for you-

Nut-free recipes (oh she glows)

Soy free recipes (oh she glows)

Nut/Soy free meal plans

And I might as well repost the link to the soycrates blog that has a lot of stuff on being vegan with food allergies here


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Ah…B12. You have no idea how tired I am of this argument. This is the first thing carnists go to when they don’t know anything about plant based nutrition and the last thing they actually know anything about. For the record, everyone gets b12 from the same place regardless of whether they eat meat or not, they get it from here;


(Picture from @veganoso on twitter)

Yes, before you make your argument your distaste for supplements and the “lack” of b12 in a Vegan diet- the animals you’re eating were given supplements. The way I see it; it makes much more sense medically to cut out the third party completely, and especially considering meat is scientifically proven to cause a large sum of medical issues.


Personally I consume nutritional yeast, its really good and has 500% b12 per 3 tbsp (along with 9g protein and many other important nutrients). I have friends that take 5mg of b12 by pill a day and that’s fine too! My mother takes them as well and she eats meat, I  know quite a few carnists that do. Besides this, about 40% of America is b12 deficient and only 3.2% are Vegan.. So is it even specifically our issue anyway?

Moral Obligations

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There are many reasons why people think that they can’t be Vegan; anemia, diabetes, eating disorders, poverty, various allergies, many reasons. I try to be as read up as I can to address everyone’s health concerns with as much accuracy as possible- and so far there hasn’t been a deficiency or illness I’ve heard of so far that couldn’t benefit from a plant based lifestyle and I’ve been happy to help all that need it.

I do understand, though, that people are wary of eating Vegan because of many myths that they’ve heard about it. The meat industry spends trillions of dollars advertising animal products as good and healthy when there’s plenty of evidence otherwise- because they have something to sell. As a Vegan there is nothing I personally gain from worldwide veganism that everyone else wouldn’t gain also, a safer cleaner and thriving planet. This is why I find it odd when people assume I have some sort of agenda. The only thing on my agenda is saving animals, the earth, and the people who inhabit it including myself.

For this reason it is absolutely ridiculous when people think that making a conscious decision to not be Vegan knowing there is nothing that inhibits them from doing so at all is somehow okay and acceptable. A personal choice doesn’t have any victims, eating meat has 2 billion farm animal victims a week, 7 billion human victims worldwide, the ENTIRE ocean, the atmosphere as a whole, the animals that lose their home or are killed when 90% of the amazon is being destroyed for animal agriculture and the list goes on and on.

By choosing to eat meat you are saying you don’t care about the workers being forced to be in horrible and dangerous environments because they have no other choice of employment, you don’t care about your own health and what animal products are doing to you, you’re willing to destroy the entire world for your taste buds, it doesnt matter that poc are dying right now because of climate change and nothing besides bacon really matters to you.

Veganism isn’t a personal choice that you can choose to be or not to be. It isn’t fine either way. I’m not going to respect you either way. It’s the moral baseline and the only way we can survive and live in peace. Everyone can either go Vegan now before it gets worse or we’ll be forced to go Vegan in a few years once we’ve caused more significant irreversible damage and then no one will be Vegan because the human race will go extinct.

Veganism & Anemia

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A few things to note before you use anemia as an argument against veganism when you’re not even anemic:

• Anemia is an iron deficiency, not a meat deficiency

• There’s more iron in some leafy greens than a steak

• Where do you think the animal you’re eating got it from

• You could get your iron from meat but you’re putting yourself at risk for many other illnesses including cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol when you can just have sautéed spinach pasta for dinner instead.

• Using a situation that does not affect you as an excuse to not go vegan is ridiculous

Some things to note for people who are honestly worried that veganism will negatively affect their anemia:

• Don’t worry! Chances are it will help

• I’ve never had to but some vegans supplement with iron for good measure and that’s still vegan

• Your doctor probably isn’t a nutritionist, most of us have had doctors ignorant on vegan nutrition

• I have a list of iron rich foods here

And I might as well put some here as well!

AND male sure you’re getting enough calcium to absorb it!