“Pig Scramble” Bullshit

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The video above isn’t from the same city, but the same concept as the one I wrote about below.

You’ve most likely been to a county fair. You’ve most likely seen dog racing, goat petting, and mini horseback riding. All of these are examples of animal abuse, and in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick the “Pig Scramble” is a favorite among youngsters and adults alike, and just recently it’s been brought back after being taken off the activities list for the fair. Most fairly ignorant people would call this “entertainment” and find nothing wrong with it.

The “Pig Scramble” if you aren’t already aware is an event where children enter a raffle to be able to run around a small pen, chase and catch small two-month-old piglets. Only twelve children are chosen, meaning twelve young pigs are put through emotional stress and discomfort for however long it takes for the children to catch them. The article even states that some cry out and scream from pain (which isn’t a surprise). After being caught, the children have the decision to take the pig home or have it be sold back to the fair and then auctioned off.

In previous years, the pigs when caught were put in bags and dragged along the hot dusty floors. The NB SPCA asked the fair to stop using the bags, and they agreed. And even though the bags aren’t used anymore, they are still used almost like toys and seen as only objects instead of actually living, breathing animals that have souls and can feel  both physical and emotional pain.

The President of the fair Phillip MacLeod states, “A lot of our complaints come from overseas and all the foreign countries to me that really don’t know what’s going on.” When watching the news report, I can clearly see what’s going. I don’t believe living overseas or in ANY different country would purely mean that I wouldn’t understand what was going on. I personally believe this comment is very racist. The only thing that’s going on that I see is entertainment for the people, and sorrow and sadness for the pigs.

It angers me to see these small, innocent pigs used as entertainment and put through this much emotional pain. If you feel the same, please email or contact the President of the Westmorland County Agricultural Fair, Phillip MacLeod.

phone:  (506) 756-8149


The Fairs Website:

The News Article:

How To Go Vegan

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( I did another guide for this here )

Just go for it!

I was actually vegetarian for many many years because I didn’t understand the enviornmental impact nor the cruel reality of the dairy/egg/honey industry. Once I realized the truth I went Vegan overnight and I wish I would have been more educated when I did but I moreso just wish I would have realized way sooner than I did.

Being Vegan may be difficult for some people but when you look at the consequences of not being Vegan for yourself and others; you’ll realize that the decision to continue to pay for the mass slaughter and abuse of animals along with the enviornmental devastation that accompanies the Industry including the death of humans should be a much harder decision for you.

It will be a bit more challenging to go vegan overnight, but much more rewarding for your health and for the planet, although it’s better to slowly transition into veganism and stay vegan than take on something you can’t handle and end up not being able to do it. That being said an immediate change is much more preferable if possible!

Here are some tips to transition to your new lifestyle:

• Watch Earthlings/Cowspiracy/Food Inc. or another animal rights movie

• Replace your meat with beans and legumes

• Check out your favorite snacks

•  Cut out your favorite non vegan foods first so its easier to transition in the long run and learn how to make them vegan

• Replace your milks with plant based ones

• Make sure you’re always motivated

• Read up on plant based protein/calcium

• Get involved with the Vegan community

• If you’re strapped for cash- make rice/legumes/frozen veggies/& pasta the staples of your diet

• Make sure all your makeup/household products are cruelty free

• Also check out this amazing starter kit!

Good luck! For motivation you can also remember:



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Source: darthfeyder

“Animal agriculture is incredibly harmful, and is a major driver of climate change. The UN recently released a report that said “animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives”. Animal products cause a huge amount of deforestation. Factory farms and slaughterhouses also contribute to a large amount of environmental racism, especially in poor communities. Production of animal products harms or kills many native communities in South America, both through deforestation and murders committed by ranchers.

Factory farms produce a massive amount of pollution, and a single farm can produce over one and a half times more toxic waste in a year than the entire city of Philadelphia. The CDC estimates that livestock produce between 3-20 times more waste than all of the people in the USA. This pollution invariably leads to runoff into local water systems, which can lead to both groundwater contamination and ocean dead zones. Water contamination is further compounded by the fact that livestock currently uses up about a third of the Earth’s fresh water.

Animal agriculture also leads to development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are a serious health risk. It is also important to examine the animal suffering caused by production of animal products.”

I crossed out the last paragraph because while I want the information to be available, I feel like with so many people making a conscious effort to hurt animals when there is an alternative, people are more inclined to  listen if they know they’re hurting their race or themselves. Even if you did think veganism was a personal choice because we’re somehow entitled to kill animals knowing there is no scientific or medical reason to do so; there is no way that we can somehow justify the funding of environmental racism, terrorism and murder. Everyone who consumes or otherwise purchases meat is partially responsible for this. If you are not against the meat industry, you are for it with your money.