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This may make it easier for me to quickly and easily find posts or advice to help myself or others educate people who want to go vegan.

“I’m anemic.”

“Vegans don’t get b12”

“I’m allergic to nuts/soy”

“I have an eating disorder”

“I’m diabetic (type one) (type two)

“Veganism is too expensive”

How will I get my protein?

Then there are arguments like: “Lions eat meat, we were built to eat meat!” Which are easily debunked


“If no one eats animals, they’ll take over and overpopulate!” Well actually the only reason why their are so many livestock animals is because we mass breed them to be able to meat the demand of about 500+ animals a year for probably 6 billion people in the world. If we stopped breeding them  we’d have less animals.

“What about plants? No one cares about plants?” Well it takes about 16x the vegetation to produce one pound of flesh than for me to just eat it myself:



“Meat is good for you” not really and you can read more about it on the ‘About’ page:


“Farmers would lose jobs!” Farmers wouldn’t lose jobs, farmers would switch jobs. In any case, jobs in factory farms are dangerous, diseased, and often underpaid. It’s also usually poor people of colour who has to do them.


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So I was invited by my friend (who is an editor for a zine in the UK) to write about how meat consumption is hurting POC and I think that is just so cool

They suggested that I not try to appeal to the animal rights aspect and I completely agree because people are less inclined to go vegan because of animals (cognitive dissonance and all that) THANKFULLY I have a very compelling argument for why humans- esp poc -need veganism!

The only thing i cant decide is whether I want to take the nice approach (How you could help POC by going vegan!) or the blunt approach (Here’s how you’re hurting POC by not being vegan!). Or I could just list some unbiased facts and go with the neutral approach, but, I don’t know. I can’t decide. BUT here are the unbiased facts:

  • Meat consumption funds environmental racism:
  • According to the United Nations and many other reliable sources; animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require many more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives
  • Meat consumption takes your daily carbon footprint-just for food-from 6.5(vegans) to 16(meat eaters). That’s 3,532.5 extra tonnes of co2 (greenhouse gas) released per year just by eating meat and 35,325 for 10 years.
  • The meat industry is also responsible for 91% of deforestation specifically in the amazon that amplifies the negative affects of climate change. Also the parts of the amazon they’re destroying are the homes of many indigenous tribes who will lose their homes and/or be murdered.
  • The NAACP has stated that climate change is one of the biggest killers of black/brown people
  • Thousands of people died in Pakistan last month due to heat waves caused by climate change
  • 60% of Africans say Climate change is the biggest threat to their lives (even more than terrorism.
  • Animal agriculture is the #1 cause of climate change hands down

We don’t have to fund the murder of our people


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Source: darthfeyder

“Animal agriculture is incredibly harmful, and is a major driver of climate change. The UN recently released a report that said “animal products, both meat and dairy, in general require more resources and cause higher emissions than plant-based alternatives”. Animal products cause a huge amount of deforestation. Factory farms and slaughterhouses also contribute to a large amount of environmental racism, especially in poor communities. Production of animal products harms or kills many native communities in South America, both through deforestation and murders committed by ranchers.

Factory farms produce a massive amount of pollution, and a single farm can produce over one and a half times more toxic waste in a year than the entire city of Philadelphia. The CDC estimates that livestock produce between 3-20 times more waste than all of the people in the USA. This pollution invariably leads to runoff into local water systems, which can lead to both groundwater contamination and ocean dead zones. Water contamination is further compounded by the fact that livestock currently uses up about a third of the Earth’s fresh water.

Animal agriculture also leads to development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which are a serious health risk. It is also important to examine the animal suffering caused by production of animal products.”

I crossed out the last paragraph because while I want the information to be available, I feel like with so many people making a conscious effort to hurt animals when there is an alternative, people are more inclined to  listen if they know they’re hurting their race or themselves. Even if you did think veganism was a personal choice because we’re somehow entitled to kill animals knowing there is no scientific or medical reason to do so; there is no way that we can somehow justify the funding of environmental racism, terrorism and murder. Everyone who consumes or otherwise purchases meat is partially responsible for this. If you are not against the meat industry, you are for it with your money.

Low income grocery list

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– Bag of potatoes
– Broccoli
– Plain dry pasta noodles
– Hormel chili (veggie)
– Canned/Dry beans
– Spaghetti sauce
– Lentils
– Carrots
– Apples
– Canned Tomatoes
– Onions/Zucchini
– Bananas
– Rice
– Frozen veggies
– Kale/Spinach
– Frozen/Canned corn
– Balsamic vinaigrette
– Tofu


Example meals:

Zucchini/Spinach Pasta

Boil pasta noodles and drain them, sautee the zuccini/tomato/onions together or the spinach/tomato/onions (or combine them Idk I’ve never tried it) mix in sauteed veggies with pasta noodles, season with garlic salt and optionally top them with the vinaigrette.

Broccoli Pasta

Boil lots of broccoli until it’s limp and losses its form with a lot of water. The florets will leave the stems almost completely- probably will take about 20 minutes or so on medium heat. Once its close to that state add the noodles into the same pot the broccoli is boiling in, the broccoli will coat the noodles and you can remove the stems if you don’t like them. Drain the water season the noodles and top with vinigarette 🌳

Tofu stir fry

Press and marinate tofu in soy sauce, once done bake tofu until slightly golden. Pan fry the veggies with soy or teriyaki sauce and add the tofu when they’re cooked all the way through. Have it over rice to make a complete meal.


Boil all of your veggies/potatoes/beans together with broth and seasoning and have over rice


Boil noodles and top with a pasta sauce, season and you can add tvp if you have it on hand but I usually just the pasta and sauce by themselves

Flat Bread

1 cup gram flour (or plain flour/all purpose flour would also work well – either plain or wholemeal)
1/2 cup warm water
1 tbs oil
1 tsp salt (or to taste)

I add sugar to make it a dessert but you can leave it as it is and have it with your soup or stir fry for cheap


I’ll keep adding more and I’ll add the individual cost for the groceries and modify it based on the sum total 💞

Low Income Veganism

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A lot of people are somehow under the impression that all I eat is soy caviar and tempeh filet mignon or something but I am actually very poor. I’ve lived in a single income household my entire life, I’m below the poverty line, and its more annoying than anything when people assume I’m privileged for being vegan when there are people out there too poor to be anything besides vegan. This is generally what I eat. But since people never believe me when I say this, here’s a buttload of recipes and resources on being a low income Vegan (some this is from links I’ve already posted on the recourses page, anyway);

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