“Pig Scramble” Bullshit

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The video above isn’t from the same city, but the same concept as the one I wrote about below.

You’ve most likely been to a county fair. You’ve most likely seen dog racing, goat petting, and mini horseback riding. All of these are examples of animal abuse, and in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick the “Pig Scramble” is a favorite among youngsters and adults alike, and just recently it’s been brought back after being taken off the activities list for the fair. Most fairly ignorant people would call this “entertainment” and find nothing wrong with it.

The “Pig Scramble” if you aren’t already aware is an event where children enter a raffle to be able to run around a small pen, chase and catch small two-month-old piglets. Only twelve children are chosen, meaning twelve young pigs are put through emotional stress and discomfort for however long it takes for the children to catch them. The article even states that some cry out and scream from pain (which isn’t a surprise). After being caught, the children have the decision to take the pig home or have it be sold back to the fair and then auctioned off.

In previous years, the pigs when caught were put in bags and dragged along the hot dusty floors. The NB SPCA asked the fair to stop using the bags, and they agreed. And even though the bags aren’t used anymore, they are still used almost like toys and seen as only objects instead of actually living, breathing animals that have souls and can feel  both physical and emotional pain.

The President of the fair Phillip MacLeod states, “A lot of our complaints come from overseas and all the foreign countries to me that really don’t know what’s going on.” When watching the news report, I can clearly see what’s going. I don’t believe living overseas or in ANY different country would purely mean that I wouldn’t understand what was going on. I personally believe this comment is very racist. The only thing that’s going on that I see is entertainment for the people, and sorrow and sadness for the pigs.

It angers me to see these small, innocent pigs used as entertainment and put through this much emotional pain. If you feel the same, please email or contact the President of the Westmorland County Agricultural Fair, Phillip MacLeod.

phone:  (506) 756-8149


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Happy Earth Day! (Every Day)

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This is my first post on this blog so what better thing to discuss than the earths very own bees?


Most of us know how important bees are to our environment and most of us know that they are now endangered. For this article I have two tips to personally help our bees survive.


Tip #1: Nourishment

Bees frequently grow tired from carrying pollen back and forth and working all day and many may stop and sit on the floor to rest. This may be dangerous because of other humans walking around that may want to hurt them or might just not see them and accidentally step on them, or perhaps a hungry bird or another predator. The best way to help in this situation if you can is to move them out of the way of immediate traffic (off the sidewalk and to the grass perhaps) and give them a mixture of a little water and sugar to refuel their energy. Don’t worry, the bee doesn’t want to hurt you, they just want to get back to harvesting pollen for their honey!



Tip #2: Gardening

In order for bees to make honey, they need a LOT of pollen. And for that, they need a lot of flowers! You can do a great service to the bees, the environment, your house, and yourself by planting flowers that attract bees! But make sure that the plant hasn’t been treated with pesticides that may kill the bee or make it forget the scent of flowers (read more about it here & here)

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