Do Meat Eaters Love Animals?

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The short answer is ‘no’, and this is just assuming they use all cruelty free products (tested on puppies, rabbits, mice, cats, monkeys, ect) and wear no animal skin.

Let’s first look at what the definition of love is:

You would think, then, that someone who felt attachment, tenderness and fondness towards something would do the best they could to make sure that the animal was safe, health and alive. Right? Especially since they could easily eat something else (rice, beans, veggies, fruit, pasta ect.)

If you truly loved animals you would want to be on the side that is saving them instead of who is funding their mass slaughter and abuse. Vegans easily save 100+ animals directly a year, and If that isn’t something you’re interested in participating in; its safe to say that you do not in fact love animals.





I made all these yesterday in response to ye ol’ “it’s not my fault animals are dying just because I eat meat” yes the fuck it is. And not only is it your fault livestock is dying, its also your fault that wild animals are dying because the meat industry is responsible for 91% of deforestation which includes animal habitat!


Easy math or at least the most basic concept of supply and demand will tell you that the more people eating animals the more have to die. As demand for meat goes down so will the supply and vice versa. So if you truly care about animals. Prove it. Please go vegan, last year so many people went vegan that 400million animals didn’t have to die and the number continues to grow. Thats why it’s important that everyone who can go vegan does and spreads the word to everyone they know, because the animals can’t do it themselves.

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