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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is by far the most thorough, large, and well known animal rights organization in the world. Most meat eaters, Vegetarians, and even Vegans either hate or don’t know how to feel about PETA for a majority of reasons including but not limited to:

• Their militant stance on meat consumption

• Their use of female bodies to promote animal rights

• Their fatphobic and misogynistic ads

• Their comparison between human and animal rights movements

And probably the most talked about offense-

• The overwhelming evidence that PETA kills more than 90% of shelter animals in their care.

While I don’t support fatphobia or misogyny, the facts remain that PETA is the most effective rights group in this day and age. That being said there are many rights animals would not have if it had not been for PETA. We would still been using live animals as crash dummies if it were not for PETA and many vegans today (including myself) wouldn’t be if it would have not been for them. Ringling Bros wouldn’t be releasing their elephants.

The group “PETA Kills” was founded and now is ran by meat lobbyists. They have accused PETA with killing almost all of the shelter animals they obtain (which isn’t saying a lot, though, because PETA takes in death row animals and animals normal shelters won’t). Backlash is a given when you’re protesting against a trillion+ $ company such as the meat industry, so while I’m not 100% sure whether PETA is doing what they’re saying they are; I just know I won’t support them financially. However his has nothing to do with me using their resources and information as this isn’t supporting them but the animals that they’re trying to save.

PETA has many petitions that will help animals who have nothing to do with what the organization does or doesn’t do behind closed doors. When they email and ask me to sign petitions to stop the seal hunt, my signature goes to Canadian officials who can do something about it, PETA doesn’t benefit from this at all; same as when I send in text petitions or order their free stickers/vegan starter kits.

So while I don’t support some of their methods and their stance on euthanisia, I support the awareness they bring to our movement.


Speaking of awareness, Peta2 has a program where you’ll complete some missions in the name of animals and you’ll earn points for the ones completed. You can then use these points to redeem t-shirts, chapstick, books, and a lot of other stuff! So I know a lot of you don’t support PETA but if you want a way to get involved and get rewards for it, here’s one!

My Peta Street Team profile

Ways to take action on Peta2

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