How To Go Vegan

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( I did another guide for this here )

Just go for it!

I was actually vegetarian for many many years because I didn’t understand the enviornmental impact nor the cruel reality of the dairy/egg/honey industry. Once I realized the truth I went Vegan overnight and I wish I would have been more educated when I did but I moreso just wish I would have realized way sooner than I did.

Being Vegan may be difficult for some people but when you look at the consequences of not being Vegan for yourself and others; you’ll realize that the decision to continue to pay for the mass slaughter and abuse of animals along with the enviornmental devastation that accompanies the Industry including the death of humans should be a much harder decision for you.

It will be a bit more challenging to go vegan overnight, but much more rewarding for your health and for the planet, although it’s better to slowly transition into veganism and stay vegan than take on something you can’t handle and end up not being able to do it. That being said an immediate change is much more preferable if possible!

Here are some tips to transition to your new lifestyle:

• Watch Earthlings/Cowspiracy/Food Inc. or another animal rights movie

• Replace your meat with beans and legumes

• Check out your favorite snacks

•  Cut out your favorite non vegan foods first so its easier to transition in the long run and learn how to make them vegan

• Replace your milks with plant based ones

• Make sure you’re always motivated

• Read up on plant based protein/calcium

• Get involved with the Vegan community

• If you’re strapped for cash- make rice/legumes/frozen veggies/& pasta the staples of your diet

• Make sure all your makeup/household products are cruelty free

• Also check out this amazing starter kit!

Good luck! For motivation you can also remember:


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