Why Vegetarianism Isn’t Ethical

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There is no such thing as going vegetarian for animals, there just isn’t. The meat industry is  the dairy industry and the’ye just as bad if dairy isn’t worse. I support vegetarianism as a transition into veganism if it is medically or socially necessary, but other than that because of what’s in animal by-products and how they’re produced- vegetarianism barely exists as a health movement and doesn’t exist as an animal rights movement.

What you support when you buy each product as a vegetarian:


The de-beaking of chicks

Male chicks being ground up alive

Chickens being in cages smaller than the average iPad

The emotional distress chickens go through when being stripped of their hatch-lings

The slaughter of hens too old to give eggs (after 300 eggs or so)



Male calves being kidnapped from their mothers

Male calves being slaughtered for veal

Cows being sent to factory farms to retire

Cows being kept in small, dirty and dangerous conditions

Male calves stomach lining being used to make cheese (rending it not vegetarian)



Bees being robbed of all of their honey and being force fed corn syrup

Bees having their queens wings torn off

Bees having their queen raped (bee sized rape rack) and killed

Entire hives being blown up with cyanide so beekeepers don’t have to pay to keep them warm in the winter

-And there’s probably a lot more to this that I have yet to learn. Considering how cancerous and unhealthy animal products are for you to start with, you really don’t need to go through a vegetarian stage. Especially considering that many vegetarians may compensate for meat with more dairy and egg products. Veganism may be a little difficult for you at first, but no amount of convenience can make up for the suffering these products cause.

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